Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hello Everyone! 

    We have had a great week and have learned much!  We are enjoying our work in Watford and loving our missionaries and members!
    Wednesday, February 1st was a cleaning day and a Costco shopping day. We had a very good lesson at Institute.  Bishop Manning does such a great job!  It is a pleasure to attend and listen to the discussions.  After the lesson, we gathered in the cultural hall for treats and Sister Baron taught an art lesson to Anthony, Harriet, and Peter who are three awesome young members!  Harriet has her mission papers ready.  Anthony just returned from his mission in Portugal and Peter returned some years ago.  Peter is so talented and just a wonderful young man!  The art lesson went well and they all produced some interesting good work. 
    Thursday morning we went into London to see if we could get tickets for the Harry Potter play.  The play is sold out until March 2018!  We waited in line and found that there were no extra tickets available for the day.  They did have two tickets just returned for the next Wednesday’s matinee and evening performances.  They were seats in a box on the lower level.  We purchased them and were excited that we will be able to go see the play!
      After exploring the area, we walked up to Chinatown and met Stephanie, one of our YSA returned missionaries, for lunch. She speaks Cantonese and works for the Bank of China.  She found a nice Chinese restaurant for us!  She is an amazing young woman! After lunch, we went to the National Portrait Gallery so Mom could take a last look at the Picasso exhibit.  Dad read a book and relaxed.  

     Since the Chinese food did not fill us up, we stopped at St. Martin’s Crypt (one of Dad’s favorite places) to get a hot apple crisp with hot custard!  Yummy!
      Friday, we traveled to Wembley to our missionary Watford Zone training.  We met with about 20 wonderful young missionaries.  They asked us to speak about Patience.  We did our best and enjoyed spending time with these choice young men and women!
     After the meeting, we walked to the Wembley missionaries’ apartment to do a “flat inspection”. The church rented a new apartment on the top floor of a high rise next to the Wembley town center for the missionaries.  It was a very nice apartment which they are keeping neat and clean.   One bed frame was broken but it was a cheap bedframe.  Dad put two screws into it to help it stay together until they can get a new one.
     We then drove out to Harrow to visit a second flat.  The Elders who live here are very humble and excellent workers.  A small black Elder from Africa who is the district leader has great faith and good street smarts.  This Elder was offered a professional contract playing football for Germany but he decided to serve a mission instead.  What a quiet powerhouse!  His companion is about as big as our grandson, Parker Cheshire (six foot four, 275 pounds).  He is a wonderful cheerful Elder!  They live in a small upstairs apartment that is older than dirt.  They are keeping it clean and neat and working hard in a very rough area.  There were even plants growing through the outside walls onto the stairway in their flat. Wow.
     Lastly we drove to the last Wembley Elder’s apartment across town.  Their apartment is next to a University campus in a nice housing complex.  They have a newly remodeled apartment which was very nice.  They had some mold around a window sill but they knew how to take care of that.  We thanked all the missionaries for keeping their living quarters clean and neat.  We work with some excellent missionaries!  We returned to our nice little home and counted our blessings!!  It is so nice to have a standalone home with a garden and nice neighbors!
    Saturday is our Stake YSA Temple day!  We drove to the Temple in good time with minimal traffic in light rain.  The Temple Hospitality people let us use their guest kitchen to set up food for our YSA.  We prepared bagels, croissants, roast beef, chips, humus, drinks, and lemon cake!  We attended the 11:15 endowment session with six of our friends.  After the session, we met many of our YSA in the kitchen for lunch.  We had a good group from Aylesbury!  Later, we met Bishop Redmond and his family and hurried over to the baptistry.  We helped our YSA friends do the baptisms and confirmations for the names that they brought as well as some of our family names.  It was great to have someone baptized for William Baron, born 7 May 1769 in Lancashire England!  After the temple, we met some of our young adults to finish off the lunch fixings before taking a walk around the beautiful temple and heading for home.  It was a great day spent doing good things with wonderful young adults and their families.

      Sunday is always a good day!  We taught the YSA Sunday School class and had a great time!  They are such good people but I wish more would attend church!!  We teach the lessons on the 1st and 3rd Sundays each month and visit the other wards on the other Sundays. 
      Monday FHE was a success with a good group of YSA and Missionaries and one non-member friend.  We watched a great movie about Wilford Woodruff’s conversion!  The YSA love to play the SpyFall game that Camie gave to us!
       Tuesday, we visited two more missionary apartments.  We walked to the Sister’s flat in downtown Watford.  It is on the top floor of a high-rise right in the center of town.  The flat was so clean and nice! We helped them fix a couple of lights and checked on the wardrobe that we fixed a few months ago.  We drove out to the Elder’s apartment and had trouble finding a parking spot.  We finally parked on the sidewalk and went in and checked it out!  They have a nice apartment with a few problems.  We tried to tighten some bolts on their weight-bench but we did not have the right tools.  They also need to fix one blind that keeps falling down.
       Well, that is about all for now.  We will send a second email later to catch up to today!
        We love you all!  We are doing well and enjoying our mission and England.
Read your scriptures, say your prayers, be nice, and remember who you are!!
        Dad and Mum.
      Elder and Sister Baron
     Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Baron

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