Thursday, April 6, 2017

Well, another week has flown by so here is our report!

   Monday, March 12 is laundry day!  We really put our little washing machine and dryer to work once a week!  Since it rains often, we are really thankful for our condenser dryer!  We do not have room for it near the washer so it is in the corner of our spare bedroom/office.  We knew that our missionaries could not come to our Family Home Evening and many of our regulars were out of town so we did not know if anyone would come.  One young man who has been a member for about two years came.  We just relaxed and talked. He is an awesome young man who is going through some challenges.  We gave him a blessing. I am glad that we had a chance to visit!

      Tuesday, we were in London for an adventure and ran into several young missionaries at the farmer’s market where we were having lunch!  We love our missionaries! We attended the musical “Motown” and really enjoyed it!  It is the history of Motown records and how it gave black singers like the Supremes and The Jackson Five a chance to make records and compete on the national radio and TV. Interesting storyline with great music!

     Today was Institute!  It was really fun! The lesson was about families, children and how awesome they are!  We talked about abortion and other timely topics. It was excellent. We had a good crowd attend. We made an IKEA run and purchased some outdoor chairs and a table for our back garden.  We also found some flowers at a local hardware/garden store so we planted flowers to beautify our little space in back!  Our bulbs are coming up really well in the front yard (garden). 

    Friday was another London day!  We checked out the London Transportation Museum!  It is the history of trains, cabs, cars, subways, and buses in London.  They had old train cars that were used for the first Metropolitan Subway (The Tube). They also had double decker buses that were pulled by horses.  It was very interesting!  Next we saw a couple of exhibits at the Tate Britain museum of artists David Hockney and Henry Moore.  Dad liked the Henry Moore sculptures and paintings.  

      We next met several senior missionary couples at the Hyde Park chapel before walking together to the Royal Albert Hall to see the annual “Classical Spectacular”.  It is a beautiful venue within a couple of blocks of the chapel.  The incredible program included an orchestra, band, choir, theatre organ, lasers, special effects, opera singers, dancers, and the 1812 overture with canons!  Check out the youtube video online.  We organized the outing after it was suggested by President Stevens.  We really love to get together with the other senior missionaries to share stories, ask questions, and recharge our spiritual batteries!  Two couples serve in the visitor center, one couple does self-reliance classes, and the rest of us were YSA missionaries.  After the concert we talked for a bit before catching the last train to Watford!

    Saturday, we attended our stake’s Relief Society Birthday celebration.  They made Dementia Blankets for a service project.  They also had workshops, a dinner, sharing time, and lots of visiting.  Dad worked on our YSA bulletin board and our multi-stake YSA activity plans.  It was a productive and fun day!

      Sunday, our great neighbors Frank and Sally held a birthday party for their two daughters Lillian and Florence (7 and 5).  They had a double decker party bus come and park in front of their home for a couple of hours.  It had a ball pit, slides, and climbing maze. We were at church in the Enfield ward so we missed their party!  We went over later and gave the girls presents of sketch pads and colored markers.  They are a cute family who we love!
     Church at Enfield Ward was very good!  They asked Mom to share her testimony and a message so she was the first speaker in sacrament meeting.  We love the people in Enfield!  The YSA Sunday school had nine young people and a good lesson.  It is a very loving multicultural ward. They have wonderful dedicated happy people!
    After church, we picked the Sister Missionaries up at the Watford church and drove to Hemel to visit one of our young ladies who was just baptized.  She has multiple emotional challenges but the ward is being very supportive.  We returned home to feed the Sisters some Utah Lehi Roller Mills waffles (mix sent by Carol Jean) with real maple syrup and Nutella!  It doesn’t get much better than this!!