Saturday, September 24, 2016

Red fox in our neighborhood.

Just a quick note and some pictures...
     We returned home late after Institute Registration and pulled in to park the car in front of our house when a beautiful red fox walked down the sidewalk in front of us.  He turned down a little lane just 50 feet from our house.  I did not remember that foxes were still around England but in thinking about it, it makes perfect sense.  I later learned that the London area has an estimated 30,000 wild red fox wandering the green spaces.  It appears that they avoid people and larger animals but love to chase and eat the rats that they find. We did see a large rat run across the bike trail a day or two before.
    We are excited to have a rat hunter in the neighborhood but will think twice about leaving the back door open from now on.  We don't worry about a fox but do worry about a rat.
    Lots of Love!   Clark and Joyce, Mom and Dad,  Elder and Sister Baron

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