Wednesday, August 3, 2016

    We arrived at the MTC on Monday August 1st, 2016.   It has been a crazy, fun day!

It actually started yesterday as we were winding down and getting ready to settle in Sunday evening.
We wanted to double check on when we were to arrive at the MTC. 
I have written 8:45am to 9:00am in my planner but we could not find the email confirming the time so we planned on 8:45am.
     We got up early, when for a bike ride, ate breakfast and got ready.  Camie and Lily were in the basement and planning to go home this morning.
     We said goodbye to Lily and Camie and rushed off to the MTC.  We arrived just after 9 am feeling good that we made it in pretty good time.
     When we walked into the front lobby we discovered that we were the only Senior couple who had arrived so far.
After asking around we discovered that check-in time was actually 9:45am to 10:00am.  Bummer. We could have used the extra hour!!
        We said hello to Rose Robison and her sister Caroline from our ward.  Rose is the MTC Executive Secretary and Caroline is in charge of BYU food and custodial services at the MTC.
We found that they were expecting 112 senior missionaries today and over 800 new young missionaries to arrive on Wednesday!
       We checked out the book store and wandered back to the check in desk.
        By now other Senior couples had started to arrive! So we went through the check-in process, getting our name badges, travel tickets, VISA, Passport, and ministerial certificate.  This certificate is the official document that shows people that we are legally recognized as ministers of religion.  After reviewing the documents, map of the MTC, and our schedule, we were released for lunch.
   Since we had lots of time, and lots to do, we ran home, grabbed a quick lunch of Dan’s mashed potatoes, Jill’s gravy, and Sister Baron’s (insert “Joyce”, “Mom”, “Helen” etc.) Pecan Pie.
We arranged our books and scriptures, and headed back to the MTC.
    The afternoon was spent in introductions and training.  We laughed because the Senior meeting room is the only one at the MTC that has soft chairs and foot rests. They even have a designated Nap room in one building! 
    Many Senior missionaries are going to serve in Salt Lake City at the Family History center. Others were Church Education System missionaries who teach Seminary or Institute around the world.  Several couples were called to work in mission offices around the world. One couple were called as Auditors. One other was Legal Counsel for Europe.  Several were going to San Diego to serve. One couple was going to  Scotland and one other to the UK.  Many missionaries were from around Mesa Arizona.
     We were told that we looked a lot different than the young missionaries who arrive on Wednesday.  We were relaxed and excited.  The young missionaries looked like deer in the headlights.  We were given the promise that our families would be blessed at home while we served.  We heard several missionary stories and were taught that our purpose was to invite and help others to come to Christ.  We should  serve, love, and help those we meet.  One man related that for senior couples, there are three kinds of sin; the sin of commission, the sin of omission, and finally the sin of No mission.
    We were divided into 14 districts with 8 missionaries in each.  We are in district 2 with a couple going to San Diego, the Attorney going to Germany, and a CPA and Teacher going to Samoa to teach education classes for BYU-Hawaii.  We enjoyed learning from other missionaries.
     Upon arriving home, we delivered my motorcycle to Darla Wenger and visited Darla and Karen for a bit.  I then met with Morgan Tagg who is renting our home.  They are storing some suit cases in our basement until they arrive.  We toured our house and talked about the sprinklers, winterizing the house and yard, how to run the built-in vacuum, etc. etc.  There is lots to learn.
   We report to the MTC tomorrow at 8am for more training and preparation.  We love the spirit of the MTC and the other missionaries! 
Well, it is time to quit!
Love Ya all lots.
Dad (N Mom)
Elder and Sister Baron

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